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Wills, Estates and Succession Planning

When was the last time you reviewed your Will? 
Perhaps you need more specialised advice on a succession plan?
We can assist you with a simple "mum and dad" Will through to more complex structures such as farming companies and trusts.

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Property Law and Conveyancing 

Buying or selling a home? Perhaps you want to put your property into Trust?

We can help take the stress and worry out of your property matters, from the first time Kiwisaver home buyer, to the more seasoned investor and trustees.

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Court Representation

Have you been served with Court documents? We appear in Court on a range of Civil Litigation matters from simple debt collection through to more complex litigation, including leaky homes.

We also appear in Court on Criminal and Traffic matters. We can help with defended hearings in front of a Judge Alone, Judge and Jury, Sentencing, or other applications.

We can help you apply for a work licence, a discharge without conviction, cancellation or variation of a sentence, or to substitute a disqualification for community work.

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Relationship Property

​Entering into a new relationship?  Would you like advice on how you can protect your assets from a relationship property claim in the future?  We can help you with a contracting out (often called a prenuptial) agreement.
We can also assist you if your relationship is coming to an end.  We can provide advice on separation and division of assets, as well as preparing a separation agreement.  We can help take some of the stress out of this difficult situation.

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The new Trusts Act 2019 came into effect earlier this year. Are you aware of your obligations as Trustee? Do you want advice on a trust to protect your assets? Do you have a trust but you aren’t sure how to manage it?

We can provide advice on the set up and maintenance of a trust. We also have a professional trustee company for the added security of having an independent trustee, should you need it. Ask us how we can help you.

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Elder Law

Are you near retirement? Perhaps you are considering going into a rest home or buying into a retirement village. We can advise you on your options and help explain the paperwork.

Do you or a family member need Enduring Powers of Attorney prepared? They can relate to Property and to Personal Care and Welfare. Perhaps you have a family member that is no longer able to look after themselves or their affairs. We can help with Court applications to appoint Property Managers or Welfare Guardians.

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Family Law

Do you need assistance in the Family Court?

We can help with all sorts of applications such as Parenting and Guardianship Orders, Protection Orders, PPPR (Property Manager and Welfare Guardian) applications and Family Protection Act claims.

If you need any advice on appearing the in the Family Court, we would be happy to help you

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